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See below to register for one of the 5 upcoming Clinics being put on by WCA and OCC or to register for the 2022 season.

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Between The Chalk Lines

There are two things the chalk lines can teach us.
1. Inside the chalk lines is your safe space.
Whether it’s practice or a game, when you’re on the field, nothing can touch you. Whatever was stressing you out that day can be pushed aside for the next 7 innings or 75 minutes. Be in the moment.
That really frustrating homework assignment can wait. The fight you had with your Dad this morning or the fight your parents had with each doesn’t matter here. The feeling of trying to figure out what to post on Instagram or whether or not you want to continue your Snapchat streaks with certain people is pointless when you don’t have your phone to check anyway.
NONE of that matters in the moment, so stop giving it space inside your head. You get to ENJOY your time playing the game you LOVE!

2. What you learn inside the chalk lines helps prepare you for life outside the chalk lines.
These are the best years of you life, right now! Someday your softball career will come to an end. The struggles you face now will be so small compared to what you will face 10-20 years from now.
Here’s where I’m going to be real and raw with you. I watched my Dad, my strong and big hearted hero, whither away and die from cancer. The ultimate gut punch, suck the life out of you, rip your heart out kind of pain.
People you love will die. People you love will fight. People you love will make stupid choices, heck you might even make some stupid mistakes in life (we all do).
So now tell me, does that flunked test or horrible homework assignment feel so bad now?
The chalk lines will have taught you how to fight for what you want. It will have taught you how to bounce back from failures and heartbreak. That hard work does pay off. That being a good teammate and working towards something bigger than yourself is a rewarding feeling.
So next time you see a chalk line, remember that you can play your best by pushing everything else out of your mind. Life outside the chalk lines will come soon enough. So for now, enjoy the moment.



Waterford Coaches Association

Although the Waterford Coaches Association started as a grass-roots organization in 1975, it was in 1978 that the Association became "Official" & registered with the State of Michigan as a non-profit, charitable corporation.  

Lest we don't forget, we owe a debt of gratitude to Fred Drendall, 1st President of WCA & the other Founding Fathers, Thaddeus Palmer, Kris Bush, Carl Solden (Former Waterford Township Supervisor), Ernie Shegina, Shufer Burns & Gene Downie. The 1st Board of Directors were Jerry Ingram, Ed Gignac, Bob Harris, Larry Bush, Ole Wright, Neil Walton, Harold O'Berry & Ralph Wilson.   

Thaddeus (Ted) Palmer was one of the founders of the WCA in 1975. He served as a member of the executive board & became President of the organization in 1979. He held this office until his death, November 16, 1981.  Ted's personal dedication & total commitment directed toward the development of a solid summer baseball program for the youth of Waterford are traits to be emulated by all who desire to offer our youngsters an opportunity to play baseball.

Former WCA players include: Detroit Tiger Kirk Gibson, Baltimore Oriole Paul Fry and Detroit Red Wing Captain Dylan Larkin.

WCA Baseball

WCA Baseball

WCA Baseball