WCA History

Although the Waterford Coaches Association started as a grass-roots organization in 1975, it was in 1978 that the Association became "Official" & registered with the State of Michigan as a non-profit, charitable corporation.  


Lest we don't forget, we owe a debt of gratitude to Fred Drendall,

1st President of WCA & the other Founding Fathers, Thaddeus Palmer, Kris

Bush, Carl Solden (Former Waterford Township Supervisor), Ernie Shegina, Shufer Burns

& Gene Downie. The 1st Board of Directors were Jerry Ingram, Ed Gignac, Bob

Harris, Larry Bush, Ole Wright, Neil Walton, Harold O'Berry & Ralph


Thaddeus (Ted) Palmer was one of the founders of the WCA in 1975.

He served as a member of the executive board & became President of the

organization in 1979. He held this office until his death, November 16,


Ted's personal dedication & total commitment directed toward

the development of a solid summer baseball program for the youth of Waterford

are traits to be emulated by all who desire to offer our youngsters an

opportunity to play baseball.

In 2007 we started 2 new traditions. We introduced the WCA Kaer

Scholarship Award, which is a $500 scholarship given to deserving High School

seniors playing in the WCA.  We also gave away the first Coach

of the Year Award.

Past Presidents      

1982 - Ron Liles        


1983 - Dave Culton         


1984- Mike Melkonian          


1985 - Jim McNabb         


1986 - Joe Humbaugh          


1987 - Harold O'Berry   


1988 - Vern Lovse         

1989 - Gerwood Vana     

1990-91 - Jim McNabb

1992-93 - Bob McGregor 

1994 - Len Buero 

1995-96 - Frank Gallagher 

1997 - David Johns 

1998-1999 - Donna Kelley 

2000 - David Johns 

2001-04 - Sheila Kaer 

2005-06 - Mark Chizek 

2007-2010 Sheila Kaer 

2011-2012 - JR Olerich

2013 - Melanie Lizotte

2014-2015- Sheila Kaer

2015-Current Paul Duff


Past Pony Champions

1984 - Pony District Champs, Pony Division coached by Terry


1990 - Pony District Champs, Palomino Division coached by Garwood Vana. 

1991 - Pony District Champs, Bronco Division coached by Pat McNamara. 

1991 - Pony State Champs, Pony Division coached by Terry Whiting.  

1995 - Pony District Champs, Pony Division coached by Jay Bland and Bill


2001 - Pony District Champs, Mustang Division coached by Mike Knight. 

2008 - InnerCity League - Palomino Division Champions coached by Harry


2010 - InnerCity League - Palomino Division Champions coached by Harry

Kwiatkowski and Bruce Rexford 

2014 - InnerCity League - Palomino Division Champions coached by Jim Hollis

WCA Thanks everyone that helps baseball stay alive and for giving

us the opportunity to watch & support our children.


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